HENNET Membership and Communication Strategies Consultant in Kenya

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The Health NGOs Network (HENNET)

Terms of Reference: Membership and Communication Strategies

1.0. Background

HENNET is a coalition of health Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Kenya.

It was established in 2007 to bring together like-minded organizations within the health sector.

Vision: “A healthy and empowered Kenyan society” and the mission are to: promote civil society’s roles and engagements to transform Kenya’s health sector.’’

In partnership with Resiliency Plus, HENNET received USAID funding through a consortium of six organizations with Internews as the Prime Implementer of the grant. The grant is meant to support HENNET to implement its Resiliency roadmap.

To strengthen HENNET’s Membership Coordination, the organization is scouting for a Consultant to develop its Membership and Communication Strategies.

Objectives of the Assignment are to develop HENNET’s:

1. Membership Strategy and

2. Communication Strategy

2.0. Scope of Work

The scope of work will be:

1. Literature review of any relevant organizational documents to help retrieve information for the development of the two Strategies

2. Undertake consultative meeting with the HENNET Members, Board and the Secretariat to collect relevant information for the Strategies.

3. The task should be keen on the dynamics of communications, Networks/Membership operation for effective engagements.

4. Facilitate a validation workshops for these strategies.

3.0. Expected deliverables

The consultant is expected to

1. Inception Reports

2. Approved Membership Strategy.

3. Approved Communication strategy

4.0. The Consultant Qualifications / experience of the firm or Individual;

  • The consultant or Lead Consultant shall be holder of at least a Master’s degree in Social Sciences, or Health related fields;
  • The consultant must be working with a consultancy firm which has serve and conducted similar tasks as the one highlighted by HENNET and specifically with the Health CSOs in Kenya for at least 7 years.
  • The consultant must have excellent facilitation, report writing, research and presentation and in particular digital skills.
  • The consultant must provide recommendation letters from organizations his/her firm has worked in similar consultancies as indicated by HENNET above.
  • The firm should be able to deliver high quality results in timely manner.
  • Adhere to the Terms of Reference as stipulated here above

5.0. Application process

The firm should provide the following items:

  • A capacity statement indicating relevant qualification, skills, experience in similar consultancies as well as full details of three referees
  • Attach relevant work done with at least three organizations one of which must be a health CSOs.
  • Attach three recommendation letters from Health CSOs that the firm has served with, in similar areas as targeted by HENNET in this task.
  • Attach a detailed proposal and work plan on how he/she plan to undertake the work.
  • The consultant must include a detailed and fully broken down cost analysis indicating the professional fee and any other costs that you will need for this work.
  • Attach copy of the firm’s registration, KRA PIN, KRA Tax Compliance Certificate, CVs of at least two consultants qualified for the work since the consultant must commit 2(two) consultants for this work.
  • The firm must indicate the lead consultant to work under this consultancy.

This work should be completed by end of March 2021 and staggered in order of priority.

Kindly submit your requirements by latest 1st March 2021 send your documents to: [email protected] and copy: [email protected]

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